How to Avoid Damaging Your Drain

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One of the mostly costly home repair and maintenance are clogged and damage drains. You may have other things in mind but clogged drains are the first to break down or get damaged most of the time. Plumbing services are one call away to fix your clogged and damaged drain issue. But your frequent plumbing trips may also damage your financial savings. Instead of saving for more important things, you are stuck with drain problems and band aid fixes. Check our website for more information.

It goes without saying that prevention is better than cure. In your clogged and damaged drains’ case, you must know the important things on how to avoid damaging your drain to avoid cost and contacting your plumbers with the same problem. Try to do these simple things below and know how simple tips can save you the stress and dollars.


Treat your drain with respect. The most common mistake that all of us makes is treating our drains like trash can. Drains are small, and it does not usually take huge chunks of food and other stuffs that comes with your dishes or hair for your bathroom drain. This can cause blockage it if accumulates and you cannot just remove it with your own hands. To avoid this, try to use mesh screens. Mesh screens will catch hair and food particles, so you can easily throw it in the trash, leaving your drain unharmed.


Grease is your drain’s number one enemy. This thick and oily texture can build up on your drain causing clogs and will make your manual dish washing a nightmare. Before washing your pans and bowls with grease, try to absorb them with tissue and throw them nicely on the trash bin. By doing that, you can assure that no grease can damage your drain.


You will not like this part, but believe it or not this really helps you keep your drains away from damage and clogs. Do your drain cleaning once a week or once a month and try to pull out hair and other food particles that has been inside your drain. This is to avoid the accumulation. When things start to accumulate in your drain, you should expect clogging. By cleaning your drains at least once a month, you avoid the damages in the future.


Your plumbers might have the best tools, but for you to maintain and avoid drain damage, you must also get good plumbing tools. One tool you must have is a plunger. Plungers are very powerful, they are your partner in unclogging your drains and help you maintain your drains in the kitchen sink and bathroom. It is very easy to use and no need for plumbing skills.

A little change goes a long way. By following the simple ways, you can now effortlessly take care of your drain from clogs and damage, plus you get to save money without getting any extra service and equipment. But always remember, if the damage is already beyond your control, do not hesitate to call your professional plumbers.

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